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Welcome to Falsled Strand Camping. Whether you’re visiting us on your hike on the Funen Archipelago Trail, with the family caravan or with your significant other in one of our cabins, we hope that you are completely relaxed and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


Nature is never far away at Falsled Strand Camping.


The South Funen Archipelago is perfect for watersports, walks along the coast, swimming, sailing, fishing or “just” enjoying the beautiful sunsets over the sea.


In the forest you can go for a walk under the treetops and enjoy all the shades of green.


We also make an effort to give nature more room  whenever possible – thus, in certain areas you might notice more plants or the grass being higher, for example in the cabin area. It’s very much on purpose.



Here at the camp site, we love the simple life – nature, being present and hygge.


We don’t have water parks or huge playgrounds, but we have the South Funen Archipelago, a bathing bridge, and a heated pool (1st of June to 3rd of September).

There is also a small playground and petanque. 


We love outdoor cooking! That is why you can grill and cook over the bonfire several places on the site. We also have a little indoor kitchen. If you simply can’t be bothered to cook, you can buy goodies in our café or visit one of the local eateries. 


We have two family bathrooms, one handicap bathroom and toilet, a baby room with bath and two big toilet- and bathrooms for men and women.


In our new communal room, you can relax or enjoy some food (the room may be inaccessible because of private bookings/events, note: will not be open before high season in 2024).


In the café you can enjoy freshly brewed espresso coffee and tea, buy bread and pastries (Saturdays and Sundays outside of high season), and find local goodies such as wine, beer, marmalade and design.


In connection with the café, we have a ”mini-shop”, where you can buy breakfast items, soda, beer, wine, snacks, Frisko-ice cream and a small selection of groceries.


The nearest supermarket is in Horne (5kms) and Faaborg can be reached in about 10mins by car.



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